Delhi`s Popular Fine Dining Restaurant : GOLA SIZZLERS, Now In Dehradun

After marking its territory across Delhi, Gola Sizzlers is now proud to mark a milestone in its journey with revamped and refurbished interiors by launching its new outlet in Dehradun. With a variety of over 30 unique award-winning sizzlers, Gola Sizzlers is ideal for get-togethers and dining with family and friends.

Talking about the plans of completely redoing the interiors, Manik Kapoor, spokesperson for Gola Sizzlers says, “There is no end to the pride bubbling inside me seeing Delhi’s best and favorite sizzler destination getting revamped. The idea was to amalgamate modernity with heritage so that the guests can enjoy the best of both worlds. We have constantly evolved through the years following a simple and easy “In the Now” policy which has helped us grow and succeed every time. Right from the start, Mr. Naresh Kapoor and all family members’ strong and everlasting love and passion for growth (and expansion) have kept us in the limelight and inspired us to constantly add new and unique concepts ensuring a smile and a ‘Wow’ to all who come to drink and dine at any of our outlets.”

The Gola Sizzlers outlets are spread across prime locations in Delhi NCR: CP, Rajouri Garden, Gurugram, Preet Vihar, Khan Market, Noida, NSP, Subhash Nagar, Lucknow and is now in Dehradun. A revolutionary concept, Gola Sizzlers is imbued with the finest commitment to authenticity and that elusive quality called taste, visual, and gastronomical experience. This reinvention is well realized in its interiors and maintains a strong commitment to quality while promising a feast of contemporary flavors. The ambience of the space envelopes its guests with comfort and warmth. On entering any Gola Sizzlers outlet, one will be instantly mesmerized by its chic ambiance, which speaks of sheer luxury. Gola Sizzlers has got a contemporary and youthful feel to it, with a French and European touch owing to its extensive use of pastels and whites. The contemporary floral wallpapers, terrazzo accents, airy atmosphere, and colorful furniture only add to its treasure trove of bespoke experiences, making it feel all the more like a home away from home.


What makes Gola Sizzler so spectacular? The secret is as much in its attractive décor as in its vast menu which is incredibly versatile. The amalgamation of experiences from all over the globe, from Japanese to Mughlai cuisines is worth the binge. To get your time at Gola off to the best possible start, the chef recommends beginning with its Dahi kebab or perhaps the scrumptious Fish Orley. This heavenly dish can further be followed by Beli Ram Chicken, one of Gola Sizzlers’ oldest must-have dishes on the menu. Diving into the sizzlers’ menu, the Cottage Cheese Croquette Sizzler and the Two for One Sizzler are some recommendations that one simply cannot miss. To top it off, order from their well-stocked bar which offers mouth-watering mocktails, cocktails like Gola Ginger Fume, or their refreshing Watermelon
Ginger Fresca. As a cherry on the cake, the head chef recommends their special Gola Sizzlers desserts, the Ice Cream Sizzler and the Gola Jewel Box. Dive into the perfect gastronomical escape and refresh your palate with delectable cuisines, and scrumptious sizzlers like never before; this place is more than just a treat to the eyes that welcomes you from noon to night!


Gola Sizzlers, the fine-dining chain of restaurants was pioneered by Naresh Kapoor in
. The elegant restaurant promises to deliver an unforgettable food experience: the best of
traditional hospitality, a palatable culinary journey, and an ambiance that roars sheer luxury. Gola Sizzlers has been serving quality steak and sizzler fare for over a decade and is now functional in 8 prime and posh locations in Delhi NCR. Other than being one of Delhi’s oldest sizzler makers, their elaborate menu includes other delicacies like Chinese, Continental, Mughlai, Italian, Japanese, and beyond; depending upon the market they are catering to. Even after a complete revamp and refurbished look, the outlet is as fresh now as it was when it first launched. Even after decades of modernization, Gola Sizzlers’ strong roots and commitment to maintaining quality is the reason behind its sustenance and a wide patronage.

The name behind the brand, Naresh Kapoor introduced the chain of Gola Sizzlers across Delhi 33 years ago. Managed by entrepreneur duo Manik Kapoor and Rajat Kapoor – sons of Naresh Kapoor, Gola Sizzlers wouldn’t have come this far without their hard work,creativity and cooperation. A gold medalist in MBA, Manik Kapoor always wanted to reform the hospitality industry. As it said, “right ingredients make a right dish”, similarly thereare several aspects that go into making a good restaurant-right location, good quality food, the righttarget audience and a knowledgeable marketing team. Manik Kapoor has a good eye for all the necessary factors. Aspiring to reach great heights, he does not want to restrict
their specialty to a particular region and instead, expand their presence to other cities as well.

About Shaurya Veer Kapoor (Executive Chef)

Shaurya Veer Kapoor, an alumnus of Culinary Institute of America, is the man behind all new mouth-watering and flavoursome dishes at Gola Sizzlers. He is the third generation who has joined this home venture and took the business forward with his brand-new ideas and his passion for food. From the age of 12, Shaurya Veer Kapoor, was raised amidst an array of sizzlers. He was greatly inclined towards cooking and so, he started assisting his father and grandfather in the kitchen at their workplace. He not only got to work on his passion for cooking, but also started to understand the overall ways on how to operate an F&B outlet. Young and curious Shaurya, with all the support from family in many ways, had always been eager to create, and curate new and unique dishes, beverages and desserts. At an early age,
He started creating many new dishes mixing flavours and ingredients that really surprised his friends and family all the time. Today, he is well-versed in art of conjuring up a myriad of cuisines from all over the world: including Peruvian, French, American, Mediterranean, India, Italian and Asian.

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Gola Sizzlers Dehradun Address
Pacific Mall, Rajpur Road, Dehradun

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