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Embark on a culinary journey as The Patio

Ganga Lahari, Haridwar unveils its new menu

Haridwar: – Renowned for its spiritual significance and breathtaking vistas,
Haridwar welcomes a new culinary landmark – The Patio at Ganga Lahari Hotel, is thrilled to
announce the launch of its exciting new menu. With alfresco dining overlooking the majestic
Ganges, The Patio offers guests an unparalleled dining experience amidst the vibrance of
Strategically positioned near the iconic “Har ki Pauri,” where a dip in the river is believed to
cleanse the soul of earthly burdens, Ganga Lahari Hotel provides spiritual seekers and tourists
an accessible and enchanting retreat.
This alfresco cafe embodies the peaceful tranquillity of Haridwar. One can experience the
sight of the Ganges as it flows by along the ghat below, take-in the sounds of the market
below with chime of temple bells to soothe your senses. The Patio at Ganga Lahari is a brand
extension of The Patio at Aloha On The Ganges in Rishikesh.
Inspired by the purity of the Ganges and the vibrant cultures along its banks, The Patio’s menu
features carefully curated dishes spanning from the source of the Ganges in the majestic
Himalayas to its tranquil embrace of the sea at the Bay of Bengal. Guests can embark on a
gastronomic adventure, savoring dishes crafted from the freshest ingredients and spiced with
herbs hyper-locally sourced.

Celebrating the diversity of India through regional cuisines, The Patio unveils an enticing
selection of local delicacies, such as Paudi ki Pakodi ka Dagra, Beatle’s Beets Salad, and
Kanpur ki Atram Shatram Chaat. Paying homage to the sacred origins of the river, the menu
navigates through its meandering path, presenting diners with treasures like the Bangla
Dhokha’r Dalna, Lallantop Litti Choka, and the exquisite Himalayan Choolhe Se thali.
Kuldeep Saini, Area General Manager, Prasad Heritage Group expresses, “At The Patio, our
endeavour is to highlight the rich culinary legacy of the Ganges, providing guests with an
unforgettable dining venture that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. The menu at
The Patio pays homage to the majestic rivers, offering guests a taste of local Garhwali flavors
infused with hints of oriental and tropical cuisines inspired by rivers like the Mekong in
Thailand and the Riviera of Italy.”
Whether indulging in a leisurely breakfast after a holy dip at Har ki Pauri or savouring an
exquisite dinner under the starlit sky, The Patio’s new menu promises flavours that captivate
the senses and nourish the soul.
About Hotel Ganga Lahari
Discover serenity and spiritual rejuvenation at Ganga Lahari Hotel, a tranquil retreat nestled
along the sacred banks of the Ganges in Haridwar. Embrace the essence of the holy river as
you immerse yourself in the comfort of elegant accommodations and unparalleled hospitality.
With a blend of traditional charm and modern amenities, Ganga Lahari Hotel offers a
sanctuary for pilgrims and travellers alike, offering a journey of discovery & renewal.
Experience the timeless beauty of Haridwar while indulging in authentic cuisine, holistic
wellness treatments, and enchanting views of the Ganges.

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The Founders’ vision is rooted in tradition to preserve and build a purpose-driven entity by
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