Meet Amisha Sethi – Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2020 Finalist

Amisha Sethi, a queen of substance Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide 2020 Finalist, a corporate diva and a bestselling Author.

Living a passionate and inspirational life is everyone’s dream but very few make it happen and set an example for others to follow. Meet Amisha Sethi, a multi talented woman full of energy and vibrance.  An award winning global marketing and strategy leader who has worked with companies like BlackBerry, AirAsia, Airtel, Frrole and Locus. This alumnus of Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA is the author of national bestseller ‘It doesn’t hurt to be nice’. The book is about being the most beautiful version of yourself and has an abundance of knowledge from ancient scriptures made relevant to daily lives. The book drives the concepts of professional compassion in work life, fearing nothing, mastering thought, the art of detachment and being kind and compassionate. She told us about her second book which is about love, and has an interesting title “Love is simple but why Men are so complicated”.

She also has a beautiful tip for budding writers.  “I suggest anyone who wants to be an author to write and write, no matter how raw the thoughts are, just write endlessly. You can always go back and structure them, organize them and make it into a story the way it appeals to you the most. Be natural and do not copy anyone’s style. You are so unique. Your thoughts are again beautifully different and believe in that fact. I feel every creator should have a purpose, and hence it will be great if your writing also indeed has a purpose, which can positively impact whoever reads your ‘piece of art’.”

Her voyage in modeling started with Mrs. India Worldwide Pageant and she does give credit to her pageant journey for her recent success in the field of glamour and showbiz. She is doing a webseries in a lead role and a bollywood film is on cards too. A fashionista who does dress like a queen but talks like a monk!

This fitness enthusiast specializes in ‘age reversal therapies’, yoga, meditation and modern exercises who has spent years researching this subject. She believes in kindness and compassion being the most important aspect of anyone’s life and does believe in living a purposeful and a multidimensional life. When asked about everyday challenges, she says challenges are just experiences. She strongly believes there is no success and failure. Life is about enjoying various moments that come your way. She believes in her divinity and hence no challenge is truly a challenge for her.  Best wishes to Amisha Sethi from Team Dehradun Now Magazine for his bright future ahead.

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