A Sunny Day Poem by Yashaswi Semwal

Yellow is a Sunny day,
Oh! Yes today I could play
Blue is the beautiful sky,
Which is really so high.
Grey are the clouds ,
Thunder lightning loud and loud.
North South East or West,
The flowers are blossom and best.
Moon is white and white,
Gives us a pure light.
Green are the grasses,
Through them the bee passes.
Red are the bricks, 
Let us have some photo Clicks.
And I found a tree of orange
Bees are attracted to the borage.
Bears are brown,
Let the pebbles get drown.
For girls choice is always pink,
Let’s have some lemon drink.
And it’s sunny days end,
Let me go and let my shoes mend…..

Beautiful Poem By Yashaswi Semwal

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