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Meet The Team Behind Unique Startup “MON STAYS” From Uttarakhand, Offering Memorable Experience

This Time We Team Dehradun Now Magazine explored a unique place in Dhanaulti, Musoorrie for our readers. Yes We are talking about A Startup from Uttarakhand – Mon StaysWhere Luxury meets Sustainability” This startup only focus on Local Traditions & hospitality in a different style. One of Owner from Mon Stays told us,Their main goal is to preserve local culture and traditions, and we want to do our part in making a positive impact. One issue that stood out to us was the growing trend of people staying in hotels and home-stays made of bricks & cement, which contributed to a significant amount of carbon emissions. And so, the idea of a sustainable homestay was born. The home-stays that we build are constructed using eco-friendly materials and practices, promoting sustainable travel and staying. We also decided to hire people from the same place or village, providing them with the opportunity to develop their skills and earn a livelihood“.

Personal Terrace With Amazing Hill`s View

The construction of the sustainable homestay was a true labor of love, as the Pahadis worked tirelessly to build a structure that would honor their ancestors and their heritage. Every detail was carefully considered, from the placement of each window to the selection of furnishings.

The greatest reward is seeing the positive impact the sustainable homestay had on the local community. Boutique Mud & Stone House with Fusion Cafe – Mon Stays is an amalgamation of sustainable & luxurious homestays along with localized cafe startup with the aim to build environment friendly homestays globally with the vision to create sustainable hospitality.

Mon Stays is more than just a place to stay – Our first property is a symbol of the Pahadi’s commitment to their community, their environment, and their heritage. Our first property has proved that it was possible to be sustainable and still honor the past, and inspired others to follow in their footsteps, said one of the partner.

Cafeteria Inside View – Pure Desi Style
Cafeteria Inside View
Inside View of Mud House
Meet The Security Guards
Simba (Front) & Hunter ( Backside)

Near Eco Park, 850 Mtrs Off Roading Dawali Road, Dhanaulti, Uttarkhand

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