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India Luxury Foundation Curated The 2nd Edition Of The Luxurious Calendar 2021

India Luxury Foundation (#ILF) an NGO unveiled its Luxury Calendar 2021 at Guppy, Lodhi Colony. ILF helps designers to showcase their work and give them a platform to connect with the International market. ILF is a specialized Industry body that has been set up and is working very closely with global luxury leaders. Their aim is to facilitate larger international cooperation within the Industry and for the Industry. The idea behind the calendar is all about redefining luxury. Till today we believe luxury is all about and all things foreign, high end brands & expensive tags. But we need to realize how much we have around us indigenously and how our Indigenous Designer’s & artisans dedicate energy and time in creating masterpieces. 

Shweta and Charu Parashar
Sunyana Chibba with Nassar Abdulla
B.K. Singh and Namrata Singh
Mehar Gulati and Payal Juneja
Designer Reynu Taandon
Designer Samant Chauhan

This calendar signifies all things that speak finesse, detailing & luxury. The creative bent of mind of a designer envisions an ensemble that brings together not only just fabrics and techniques but a story of their inspirations. It is these thoughts that are personified by a Karigar and brings to life a masterpiece. Each garment that is showcased on the calendar is a story of indigenous fabrics, weaves and embroidery. The highlight of the calendar is not only the Supermodel’s, but the Designer’s mind that are behind it and hands that curates it. There is nothing more intricate than an Indian ensemble.Designers showcasing their garments in the ILF Luxury Calendar 2021 shot at the Luxurious Venue Hyatt Regency Delhi are Neeta Lulla, Rina Dhaka, Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna and Varun Bahl.

Rashi Rao and Gaurav Grover

Gaurav Grover, Founder Chairman, India Luxury Foundation quotes “This calendar is an ode to designers & their artisans, weavers and karigars… Who are the true heroes behind each couture collection that we see at a designer store – promoting Make In India”.

Palka Grover and Designer Rina Dhaka
Anca Verma
Pinky Anand
Rahul & Ronika Grover
Dr. Udit Raj & Pinky Anand
Hamid Barkzi
Nasir Abdullah
Aman and Ranjita Shaw

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