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Petals of Melancholy-A Poetry Collection By Author Varsha Alimchandani

This Month Dehradun Now Magazine talking about Bombay born Author – Varsha Alimchandani , a young female author with unmatchable depth and power.

Books: Spots on the Mirror (Published Oct 2021, Poetry), Petals of Melancholy ( March 2023, Poetry).

Latest Book Description:
Petals of Melancholy
is a poetry collection that meets you when you least expect it, like a beloved does. A balm that cold-burns when confronted, despite our resistance born out of hopelessness; poetry validates the pain that resides, and then soothes it, reaching deep ends from within. With no judgment and no pretense, Petals of Melancholy walks you through raw and real emotions with powerful vulnerability and dissolves into you as a warm embrace that you kept longing for. Fulfilling a crucial need that you were unaware about, Petals of Melancholy comforts and validates your innermost thoughts, conciliating the wounded parts you have desperately packed away in your emotional baggage. Tinged with the beauty of heartbreak that comes from weariness of existence, society, family, love, loss, art, mental health, healing and femininity, you find a loyal friend that sees you; walks hand in hand with you, making life bearable and worthwhile.

About the Author
Varsha Alimchandani is an Indian poet who elucidates the depths of love, loss, and existence. She cannot spend a single day without writing. She has published two poetry books in English. Author’s work explores various faces of femininity and society through her thought-provoking lens of a woman’s world. Varsha offers profound insights on complex feelings never illuminated before, bringing the soul- searching poetry to life. Prior to fully committing to her passions of writing and creating art, Varsha contributed as a software consultant for over 6 years. When she is not painting or writing, she loves to lose herself in the pages of a well-written book, travel to far-off lands, immerse herself in nature, cook up a delicious meal, and spend time with her family and friends.

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