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Meet Ayush Gupta Who Is Helping People To Fight Covid Through Reiki

Meet Ayush Gupta who is helping people to fight Covid through Reiki 70+ Covid Patients healed till date !!
In this difficult time, Ayush is helping many people with Reiki for free, he says that money can be earned anytime but this pandemic needs a humane touch. Ayush has created a Google form where you can talk about your problem and after few hours Ayush or one of his team will contact you or you can DM Him on INSTAGRAM      
For Google Form
To know more about Reiki, we talked to Ayush Gupta, he told us that Reiki works with human energy and these energies are also positive and negative. With the help of Reiki, we try to increase positive energy in the body, which increases the will power to fight against the diseases of human beings and in simple words, if the positive energy increases in the body, the human body can heal itself.

He Shares a Patients Experience too Who Recovered recently From Covid-19 and few Video Links Of Covid Patients Ayush Gupta says he has a lot of trust in Reiki because it only gives positive results, there are no negative effects of it, and he wants to heal more people with the help of energies.”I have a lot of trust in Reiki and have treated patients in the past, so I knew whatever the result will be good, it will be good. I knew energies will help us. I started with the process and saving someone’s life is a very big thing. I also want to thank the patients for having so much trust in me and Reiki. Corona has no cure yet. I feel Reiki healing is something that has a positive effect and it doesn’t have any side effects too. There are some other cases in the process too. I am getting good feedback and of course, it will make me happy if I can help as many people as I can.

In June 2020, Christopher, who was living in Dubai, came to know that his wife parents have been found to be Corona positive. When Christopher received this news, he was in Dubai, he could not come to Mumbai due to flights being closed, because he knew about Reiki, he started searching for Reiki Healers on Google. Through goggle Christopher was introduced to Gupta, who is the youngest Reiki healer in India. We spoke to Christopher, he said that when we got the news and when we spoke to Ayush, the time between it was probably the most disappointing time of our life. He said that the oxygen level of my mother-in-law had gone below 90% and the doctors immediately asked to put her on ventilator.  

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