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70 Percent Café Commits To Replacing A Fifth Of Its Animal-based Offerings With Plant-based Options

Dehradun-based cafés 70 Percent Café and Restro and Biryani Mansion by 70 Percent Café have committed to replace a fifth of all animal-based foods with plant-based foods in their menus by 2022 for all their owned and managed brands. Humane Society International/India applauds this commitment and will work with 70 Percent as they develop and implement these menu changes to bring more delicious and exciting plant-based offerings to the table.

With this commitment, 70 Percent joins a growing number of restaurants and cafés globally who are consciously increasing their offerings of plant-based foods to promote public health, protect the environment and improve the welfare of animals. Over the past few months in Dehradun alone two additional restaurants made similar commitments.

Akshit Saksena owner of 70 Percent Café and Restro and Biryani Mansion, said: “Over the past few years, we have been seeing a rise in consumer demand for healthier, ethical menu options. The number of plant-based alternative options that we can incorporate in our recipes have increased and are becoming more accessible, as well. With organizations like HSI/India creating large-scale awareness on this issue, consumers are learning more about the benefits of eating plant-based, and we are committed to not only introduce more vegan options, but cut down on the animal products we use. We are confident that through this policy, we will help contribute to this positive trend and encourage other businesses to take similar much-needed steps.”

The intensive rearing of animals on factory farms to produce meat, eggs and dairy accounts for an estimated whopping 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions, which is about the same as the entire transportation sector combined. By choosing to eat more plant-based foods, we can help alleviate the burden our current consumption habits have on the environment, while also improving our health and reducing the suffering of millions of animals.  

HSI/India’s Managing Director Alokparna Sengupta said: “Dehradun is paving the way for India with its commitment to a healthy and humane future. We are delighted to partner and work with 70 Percent to help them implement this commitment. We believe that the way we eat is changing as we speak, and the future will be more sustainable and plant-based. We welcome other restaurants and cafés to work with us and cater to the growing demand for delicious, sustainable and plant-based food.”

Across the globe, HSI partners with food businesses, schools, colleges and other institutions to put more plants on plates. By working with institutions to design exciting plant-based menus, provide plant-based culinary trainings and other promotional activities, HSI is paving the way for more humane, sustainable eating.

For support in the development of animal welfare policies in your supply or procurement chains, to request a plant-based culinary training or to adopt our Meatless Monday program, contact HSI/India at 91-91 9632890083 or Visit: rrao@hsi.org

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