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Young Filmmaker Vikash Raj Saxena Receiving Widespread Appreciation for Zindagi

The recently released Short Film; Zindagi has created ripples all around and is getting appreciated for its impeccable content. Zindagi has been written and directed by Vikash Raj Saxena. The movie has got rave reviews for the portrayal of an individual’s dilemma once he feels stucked in his life. The life which is either a philosophical parable or a practical penchant where we have to take care of all the aspects. Whether it be our career, relationships or responsibilities every puzzle of the jigsaw needs to be solved. And it would be needless that we often fail to deliver and Zindagi has tried to touch that chord. Zindagi has been adapted from the upcoming short-story collection; Love In Modern Times. Apart from getting his story adapted; Mr. Raj has been the producer. The dialogues of thought-provoking movie have been written by Dayal whereas the editing has been done by Shubham Saini. The movie had starred Anil and Aman Ali whereas the background score had been composed by Aman whereas the music have been provided by Shivang Biswa Dadhich. The soulful lyrics have been penned down by Vishal Chaubey and Laksh has lent his voice whereas Ram has taken the responsibility of designing part.

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